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Documents associated with the current AFTT EIS/OEIS are found below.  Documentation associated with prior environmental planning efforts is provided in the Related Material tab.

Public Meetings - Public meetings were held during the public commenting period, June 30, 2017 - August 14, 2017. To view all public meeting materials and information click here

Draft EIS/OEIS by Section
00a AFTT DEIS Abstract251.21 KB
00b AFTT DEIS Table of Contents632.73 KB
00c AFTT DEIS Executive Summary1.36 MB
00d AFTT DEIS Abbreviations273.37 KB
1.0 AFTT DEIS Purpose and Need1.42 MB
3.0 AFTT DEIS Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences8.69 MB
3.01 AFTT DEIS Air Quality2.17 MB
3.02 AFTT DEIS Sediments and Water Quality3.39 MB
3.03 AFTT DEIS Vegetation2.78 MB
3.04 AFTT DEIS Invertebrates2.35 MB
3.05 AFTT DEIS Habitats8.60 MB
3.06 AFTT DEIS Fishes3.71 MB
3.07 AFTT DEIS Marine Mammals16.37 MB
3.08 AFTT DEIS Reptiles17.77 MB
3.09 AFTT DEIS Birds and Bats2.55 MB
3.10 AFTT DEIS Cultural Resources2.22 MB
3.11 AFTT DEIS Socioeconomics4.22 MB
3.12 AFTT DEIS Public Health and Safety627.37 KB
4.0 AFTT DEIS Cumulative Impacts1,007.13 KB
5.0 AFTT DEIS Mitigation4.34 MB
6.0 AFTT DEIS Regulatory Considerations3.04 MB
7.0 AFTT DEIS List of Preparers476.09 KB
8.0 AFTT DEIS Public Involvement1.76 MB
Appendix A AFTT DEIS Navy Activity Descriptions4.70 MB
Appendix B AFTT DEIS Activity Stressor Matrices947.45 KB
Appendix C AFTT DEIS Air Quality Emissions Calculations and Record of Non-Applicability3.30 MB
Appendix D AFTT DEIS Acoustic and Explosive Concepts1.24 MB
Appendix E AFTT DEIS Estimated Marine Mammals and Sea Turtle Impacts from Exposure to Acoustic and Explosive Stressors926.28 KB
Appendix F AFTT DEIS Military Expended Material and Direct Strike Impact Analysis1.64 MB
Appendix G AFTT DEIS Federal Register Notices849.71 KB
Appendix H AFTT DEIS Public Comment Responses447.21 KB
Appendix I AFTT DEIS GIS Sources454.16 KB
Appendix J AFTT DEIS Agency Correspondence3.50 MB