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You are here : Background  >  Navy Training and Testing  >  Training and Testing in the AFTT Study Area
Training in the AFTT Study Area
The Navy has trained in waters off of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts for decades to prepare Navy personnel and other military forces for global conflicts and homeland defense/homeland security activities. The Navy ensures that military personnel are prepared to go into harm’s way through rigorous, real-life training in the air and at sea.

Training activities within the Atlantic Fleet Training and Testing Study Area supply naval personnel with opportunities to learn and practice skills needed to operate complex weapons systems. Training activities consist of basic and specialized individual military skills, intermediate skills or small unit training, and advanced, integrated training events. Training activities provide realistic experience and include:
  • Operating aircraft, ships and submarines
  • Conducting live-fire weapons training
  • Mine counter measures
  • Detecting and locating submarines

All of the skills involved in conducting these activities safely and effectively are challenging to achieve and difficult to maintain without constant practice. The Navy maintains a rigorous, comprehensive training regimen to ensure personnel are ready to use these skills when called upon.

Testing in the AFTT Study Area
Testing activities within the AFTT Study Area are also important for maintaining Fleet readiness. New and emerging technologies are constantly being researched and developed by the Department of Defense and eventually these technologies must be tested and evaluated. Because sonar systems are critical to the Navy’s ability to defend against adversary submarines and anti-ship mines, it is vital to conduct scientific research, acquire new systems, and maintain the operational capability of current systems. The Study Area has provided an ideal environment for testing the quality and safety of these weapons systems for decades.
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