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You are here : Background  >  Navy Training and Testing  >  Importance of Study Area
Importance of the Atlantic Fleet Training and Testing Study Area

The Atlantic Fleet Training and Testing Study Area is essential for meeting the Navy's mission.  The Study Area has unique attributes, including location, proximity, and environment and size that make it an ideal training and testing venue.

Proximity to the Homeport of Naval Forces:  Naval Submarine Base New London, Groton, Connecticut; Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia; Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek - Fort Story, Norfolk, Virginia; Norfolk Naval Shipard, Portsmouth, Virginia; Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, Kings Bay, Georgia; Naval Station Mayport, Jacksonville, Florida are all naval homeports, meaning each has a high concentration of key Navy organizations, commands, vessels, and infrastructure.  This means more time spent training rather than traveling to training areas, and reduced fuel costs and usage.

Training and Testing Environment:  The ability to train and test in underwater topography similar to the littoral (nearshore or shallow water) areas of the world is crucial to Navy deployment preparations.  The underwater areas along the Atlantic coast are essential to Navy training in antisubmarine warfare, which is conducted in the littoral areas.  The training and testing environment is also important for air, surface, subsurface, and amphibious activities.

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